Investment concept

Investment concept

Our investment philosophy is based on five basic principles, which have characterised our actions since 1981:


Flexibility is particularly important to us, as it is only through flexibility that we are able to do justice to market behaviour. Flexibility stands for the ability to adjust to underlying conditions that change rapidly – one of the most important premises in wealth management.

Only those who accept and recognise changing times and act accordingly can increase their wealth in a medium- to long-term perspective.

Our investment process was established in 1981, has proven itself over time and has been deliberately kept as simple as possible. Investments can only be consistently focused by means of a simple and clearly structured process. The more complicated the process is, the less clear are its consequences.

With this in mind, our analysis first focuses on the big picture and only then are the building blocks of the portfolio selected:


The portfolio allocation and selection of our securities are evaluated daily in the context of the individually determined investment guidelines.

We aim for a continuous and stable increase in value for our clients. This is only possible with careful and diversified portfolio structuring. The foundation, consisting of long-term, stable building blocks, must be built first.

Depending on the long-term macroeconomic, monetary and economic policy environment, these may be shares of fundamentally sound, first-class companies, which have grown continuously over time and have offered their shareholders added value or bonds of first-class debtors.

Supplementary satellite investments are placed on top of this, which take on various current themes and invest correspondingly, or which are focused on companies with strong growth prospects, have started a turnaround process or are even facing an important breakthrough.

When building up a portfolio, a great deal of importance is placed on a well-diversified portfolio that distributes the risks and opportunities of success at a reasonable level.


The ratio of core investments to satellite investments of course depends on a client’s personal profile, i.e. their risk appetite, objectives and financial situation. It is therefore essential that a portfolio is individually tailored to the client.

For this reason, we not only aim to have an “initial personal consultation” but support our clients in their journey through life to ensure that their portfolio develops in parallel to their changing needs.

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