You delegate the investment decision and specify clear investment guidelines. We implement your specifications and continuously and systematically monitor your portfolio.

We only invest in companies with solid management and that are financially sound. Our performance has thus been among the best on the market for years.

A wealth management mandate is recommended if you…

would like to have an investment strategy tailored to your needs implemented by a professional wealth manager
would like to have more time to pursue your professional or private interests
do not have the required infrastructure, control processes and contacts network
would like to benefit from our conditions with banks

As our wealth management mandates are implemented through direct investments, we recommend a minimum volume of CHF 500’000 for a reasonable asset allocation.

Investment decisions are implemented in consultation with you. We systematically monitor and analyse your portfolio and automatically contact you in the event of risks. In addition, we will provide you with information on current market events and our investment strategy.

An investment advisory mandate is recommended if you…

desire specific recommendations and access to professional information on financial investments, as well as market-optimised execution, but would still like to make all the investment decisions yourself
do not want to spend time on monitoring executions, transactions, fees and other administrative issues
would like neutral advice, without any conflicts of interest
would like to benefit from our conditions with banks

For such a mandate, we recommend a minimum volume of CHF 300’000.

We offer the option of a consolidated presentation of assets held with separate custodian banks and an overall evaluation. This allows all capital investments to be analysed at a glance.

Cumulative risks become transparent, an overall return on all investments can be determined and investment activities can be assessed from a neutral vantage point.

Our fee depends on the assets under management, the investment profile and specific client requirements, and is therefore determined on an individual basis
Our pricing is transparent, competitive and fair
Fees are charged quarterly directly to your account or, if required, invoiced
Thanks to our long-standing relationships with banks, we are able to offer our clients attractive preferential conditions

When we select custodian banks, we apply the same degree of care as in the selection of our investments. We will be pleased to clarify which custodian bank will be most suitable for your investment profile and your investment objectives in a face-to-face meeting.

Our main custodian banks are:

As a client, we will make our extensive network available to you, e.g. if you would like to buy or sell a property or are looking for a suitable attorney or tax expert.

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